Free Mix Download!!

Free Mix Download!!

Here’s a free mix for you to download from us. Just follow us on twitter and retweet to download. Don’t panic if you already follow us, it will still let you download.

Track-list (also contained in the package):

00:00 – Never Mind (Infected Mushroom)
03:15 – Slowly (Infected Mushroom)
09:47 – Hello – Porter Robinson Feat Sue cho
13:28 – Bass Nipple (Infected Mushroom)
14:16 – Spectrum – ZEDD feat Matthew Koma
15:30 – The French – (Infected Mushroom)
16:14 – Special Place (Infected Mushroom)
18:56 – Rocktronik (Pegboard Nerds)
22:17 – Swingish – (Infected Mushroom)
25:33 – Drum n Bassa (Infected Mushroom)
31:17 – U R So F***ED (Infected Mushroom)
35:39 – Wanted to (Infected Mushroom)
38:25 – Muse Breaks (remix to J.viewz by Infected Mushroom)
43:18 – Spitfire (Porter Robinson – Kill The Noise Remix)
46:27 – The Pretender (Infected Mushroom cover to Foo Fighters)
52:08 – Artillery (Infected Mushroom)
56:35 – I Wish (Infected Mushroom)

[tweet2download file="" tweet="I just got a FREE mix download from Infected Mushroom. You can get it here:" follow="@infected" /]

91 Responses

  1. Arash Zare says:

    Hi I like to download this

  2. I retweeted. How do I get the music?

  3. I just got free music here

  4. Mauro Fernandez says:

    The best ever. 50 days left to BsAs Argentina.

  5. Brodie says:

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  6. Yugant Kumar Singh says:


  7. Mine Izmirli says:


  8. Farshid Fsz says:

    biiiiiiiiiig like

  9. Sepehr NH says:

    WEED & MUSHROOM —–>>>>> <3

  10. i feel sickkkkkkkkkkk………………………

  11. Nao Otsuki says:

    Thanks !!! big fun !!

  12. Mohammad Afshari says:


  13. u are god of the psy music(navid tehran iran)

  14. Nicholas Drake West says:

    Better than facebook.

  15. Amirali Htm says:

    big like doods, fucking awesome!

  16. Neha Gupta says:

    You are awesome guys

  17. [...] Hit the link to pay with a tweet for the attached mix from Infected Mushroom [...]

  18. TGx Tonguera says:

    que bueno!

  19. James Avery Vincil says:

    Hell yeah herd this on xm!

  20. Ahr Bello says:

    eso es todo hermanos buena onda por eso me gusta su música yea.

  21. Allan West says:

    well that sucks in order for me yo download the mix I need to create a twitter account what about your loyal fans on facebook.

  22. Ario Taherian says:


  23. Tom Verdier says:

    ThX Guys. Love.

  24. Jorge Ivan Falcon Jimenez says:

    Excelente el mix buena y pura energia psytrance.

  25. Mag Magnus says:

    Your music inspires me during late night hacking sessions. Keep on cranking out the tunes.

  26. Donn Eddhy says:


  27. Shachar Amsallem says:


  28. Veli-Pekka Timonen says:

    Fuck twitter!

  29. Infected you are GENIUSES! Now I got the Dimmak AND a damn twitter acc :D Very nice mix oh yeah.

  30. vamos com tudo, bairesssssss……

  31. Love the mix guys, I burned it to a disc and have had it on repeat in my car all week. Thanks for the release and keep up the awesome work!

  32. Steve Gadget says:

    I only got twitter to download this :D

  33. Carlos Asr says:


  34. next time more song from old CD its be nice and nostalgia.

  35. Antonio Alves says:


  36. Mechi Barcia says:

    como bajo la lista?

  37. Cheers mushrooms c u soon in oz

  38. Ali Partovi says:

    is there any other way 2 DL?

  39. Mishmes Vidal Link says:


  40. YEAH! And Thx for the Zippyshare link!

  41. Somer Hyde says:

    Well I'm not going to create a Twitter account for a free song. still love the mushroom tho!

  42. Vasil MK says:

    Could someone upload it somewhere else? Twitter can suck my dick.

  43. Vasil MK says:

    fucking gay

  44. Neither do I twitt…… :(

  45. Rodrigo Viana says:


  46. O Arquivo ta corrompido.

  47. WHAT THE FUCK…i'm not creating a twitter…make a facebook link!

  48. for a lot of site account see

  49. Rachel Benbrook says:

    but…twitter is for douchebags. and infected mushroom is not. :(

  50. Rachel Benbrook says:

    but…twitter is for douchebags. and infected mushroom is not. :(

  51. Joseph Weite says:

    Whatevs I took the two minutes to make an account and get the mix.

  52. Andrew Stoye says:

    make this shit available on fb ya pussies!

  53. Cecily Shepherd says:

    sucks that I saw this on FB but since I don't twit I can no haz. =(

  54. Susanna Iseli says:

    infected ;-) ..

  55. Fuck twitter. How get this without Twitter?

  56. Hugo Menon says:


  57. Hugo Menon says:


  58. Jeff Johnson says:

    Fuck twitter.

  59. Jeff Johnson says:

    Fuck twitter.

  60. Jeff Johnson says:

    Fuck twitter.

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