Track Highlight - Facing

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Track Highlight - Facing

Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:48 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's highlight :beer

Yes I know, it's pretty late, but I had a really busy week and couldn't take enough time to get a conclusive opinion of the track (It's quite a problem since it's almost 9 minutes long) but as a result we have also decided to move the highlights to friday so we would be able to post highlights closer to the weekend when there's less stress. now that we got that out of the way let's start!

Facing is a track from the BPE/CV era it's a pretty unknown track amongst IM fans (though members of this forum know well enough about it ;) ) I for one haven't really heard this track that many times before making this highlight and I was personnaly hoping for more :-\ you see this track has an incredible atmosphere, very evidently simikar to the darkness of BPE but it doesn't change much throughout the track, I believe this track up untill around the 5 minute mark was a bit too dragged on and really lacked in focus and melodic progression. However I must give some credit to this track, it has amazing buildups and breakdowns, a very impressive sound design for the time (I personnaly believe it could live up to todays standarts which is pretty nice) and the melody echoing into the track at 6:04 makes the ending of this track such a joyride. I give at a 6/10 just because I feel to much of this track is quite empty but feel free to change my mind ;)

check out GetAFix's video!

I'm sorry if my opinion of the track might let some of you down, it just didn't quite click with me, but that is why these posts are for discussion :) have a good one
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Re: Track Highlight - Facing

Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:23 pm

Wow I hate going first reply but it seems everyone else does too so here goes

Hadn't heard this track before the highlight, so thanks for the suggestion, when I first heard it I was trying to think what to do as a video and it was making me think jungle/forest at the start, and then the "ha's" start coming in @ 4.10 and I was thinking jungle tribes going to war or something, so that was what I started searching for, but there wasnt much good tribe warrior footage I could find, and I started worrying about giving people bad trips, so I skipped that part, so went for the crazy rollercoaster thing :D and then stumbled across some tripped up jungle book footage, so that went in, and I felt it really fitted the mad bongo bit @ 5.40, then I was actually laughing out loud when I added the "Bagheera" bit @ 6.13 =)) so that had to go in

All in all good trippy "walking through a wood with headphones tripping at 2am" track , wouldnt go out my way to listen to it on a normal day, but solid. 7/10
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Re: Track Highlight - Facing

Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:02 pm

Facing is one of my favorite tracks ever. Really! It have deep space in my heart :x

I recommend you to listen to this track on good pair of headphones very loud. I am sure the magic that happens from 5:30 till the end makes you feel good and happy as me :)

When i discover this track it was in 2006 i think. Same year when IM got my attention. I was in high school at that time and enjoyed riding or walking alone in the nature, fields, woods, night city or whatever while listening to Infected on headphones. Same as now haha but times have changed and i have job, girlfriend and so on.. Lesser time but i will always find the time to enjoy music. When i am in oldschool Infected mood and play this track it gives me awesome feelings and memories. Really great experiences with this track sober or not :ymhug:

Btw i have the compilation cd where Facing and Tasty Mushroom remix by Eat Static was released ... viq1cd002/ Unfortunatelly it's not avaiable in online stores. I hope all these Infected tracks which are not on their albums be avaiable on digital download and streaming services! I have Facing in wav, flac, mp3 320kbps.. If anyone wants i can PM you ;)
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Re: Track Highlight - Facing

Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:19 pm

I've never fallen in love with Facing, or even listened to it that much over the years, but I do like the track for sure. Being from the BPE/CV era kinda gives it a boost for me, as this was my favourite era for them probably. This is one of those tracks where I love it a lot more for the sound design/atmosphere than the melody or emotion or anything.

Cool intro, I like the atmosphere but nothing special. The song starts to get interesting for me at the breakdown at 1:51, I really like that sound that comes in at 2:06. The part in the middle goes really hard too, I wish IM still made psytrance of this style, hard and energetic, but also deep, creepy, and trippy. Another atmosphere highlight for me is at 5:04, so creepy! Then the next bass line comes in and it really changes the mood of the track a little bit, its nice and bouncy. Then comes the best part of the track, you can hear it start to echo in the background at 5:45, but it really becomes present at 6:12, and again at 7:07. Again, more of a sound design thing for me, as I really like the shiny sound and the atmosphere it creates, but still amazing for sure, its always been the reason why I liked the track.

Nice job with the video GetAFix! Forest vibes was definitely the way to go, I always envision forests with this track :-bd

Overall, I give it a 5/10. I feel like it would be a bit higher if I knew it better. I think I should listen to it more. I love these old unreleased IM vibes, their albums are awesome, but there's such a different, more unique and nostalgic vibe to their old unreleased tracks imo ...
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Re: Track Highlight - Facing

Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:47 am

This track.
Oh this track... :x

This one is kind of a mystery to me. It's like a profound question mark. I love it, but in the mean time it has nothing of the other songs I love. It's, different. Everything for me lies in the last 3 minutes. That is to me the perfect example of an uplifting psytrance track.
The beginning feels like a horror movie sequence. For some reason it makes me think about some of the darker tunes, like psycho, Beauty and the Beat, Dirty 80's. It's something that unsettles me a bit. I feel attracted to it nonetheless, like something bad for you, you can't resist. Some sort of dark underlying addiction, except you know this one isn't bad for you haha.

To get back to the last 3 minutes...
Simple bassline, but it has the "infected mushroom" label all over it. That sort of distorted layer of bass that is totally "vicious delicious" era, before the choir. That is just pure genius on its own. (did I say I love their music? =)) )

There are some notes in the pads that give it an "out of chord" feel the second time around, like the whole chord has an added Flat. It struck me the first time, I couldn't understand it, something was off, but wonderfully off. I tried to listen carefully to it and finally got it. It's like a second progression in parallel, joining the first chord progression after 8 measures.

That sparkly gated synth all over the place has like three different notes but it rings so much it gives it a kind of "infinite" feeling. So much modulation going on there it must have been funny to program!

Overall, it's the kind of song I can listen to in repeat for an hour without getting tired of it.

Overall 8/10
Last three minutes : 9.5/10

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